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Al Qaeda Elements Threaten Mareb Authorities, Soldier Killed, Regional Command Bombed

April 12, 2008

This doesn’t sound like any organized al Qaeda-Yemen operation…shooting at an army vehicle and running away. Of course, a number of checkpoints have been attacked as well lately, which AQ apparently later claimed credit for. The “bomb” is more likely a grenade. There are plenty in Mareb sympathetic to al Qaeda and hostile to the central and provincial authority, so it’s not surprising that a threat/eulogy would be sent out. Additionally, the tribes have learned by now that any mention of al Qaeda is a good way to get attention. I could be wrong, but I’m not convinced.

UPDATE: confirms the “explosion.”


Al Qaeda threatens leadership in Mareb: One soldier killed in Mareb

السبت 12 إبريل-نيسان 2008 / Mareb Press

One soldier was killed on Saturday by unknown men on Safer road in Mareb province.

The attackers opened fire on an army vehicle leading to the death of one solider. The attackers were able to run away.

The security apparatus are still search and investigating to know the attackers.

On other hand, unknown men threw a bomb on the building of the Command of Middle Region causing no casualties.

It’s worth mentioning that the building of the Command of Middle Region was exposed to a number of attacks during the last months. The attacks allegedly carried out by Al Qaeda. The attack occurred during day time not at night as usual.

Unknown men have distributed publications threatening the leadership and social figures in Mareb with death for being involved, as they claimed, in killing four Al Qaeda men.

The publications which include poems also praise and lament the four Al Qaeda men.


UPDATE on Canadian Nexen Bombing: It Was an IED

April 11, 2008

I guess they ran out of mortars…or maybe subsidy cuts are affecting prices in the weapons suqs too.


Second blast within a week, Americans evacuated from embassy

By: Nasser Arrabyee

Article Date: Apr 10, 2008

A bomb exploded early on Thursday outside the offices of a Canadian oil firm in Hadda Street, in the Yemeni capital Sana’a. The blast caused minor damage to the wall of the building of the largest oil company operating in Yemen, Canadian Nexen Petroleum. It caused no causalities according to eyewitnesses.

A police officer at the scene said that the improvised device was tossed into the corner of a cinema adjacent to the company’s building. He said a second bomb was found by the door of a nearby restaurant and defused. The incident comes just days after another attack, attributed to al-Qaeda, on a residential complex housing western workers in Sana’a last Sunday. This prompted the US Embassy in Sana’a to release a statement on Tuesday that non-essential staff will be evacuated from Sana’a immediately.


Canadian Nexen Hit Next

April 9, 2008

Disarmed? So it’s not mortars this time…ieds?

Blast near Canadian oil firm Nexen offices in Yemen

SANAA, April 10 (Reuters) – A blast shook an area near the headquarters of Canadian oil company Nexen (NXY.TO: Quote, Profile, Research) (NXY.N: Quote, Profile, Research) in the Yemeni capital Sanaa early on Thursday but there were no casualties, a Yemeni security official said.

A second explosive device was disarmed, the official told Reuters.

The blast followed Sunday’s mortar attack that broke windows at a compound housing Americans and other Westerners in Sanaa, which was claimed by an al Qaeda-linked group in the poor Arabian Peninsula country.


AQ-Yemen Strikes Again?

April 7, 2008


It appears as though al Qaeda influenced elements have attempted to target westerners again. This time, instead of going after the US embassy, they launched mortars at a housing complex in the affluent suburb of Hadda. I know that the there is a secured complex next to the (Best Western) Haddah Hotel (you can see the rows of houses in the  SW corner of the complex above). The Yemen Observer called the targeted buildings the “Kuwait Housing Complex,” a name I am not familiar with.  It is note worthy that Hadda Hotel is on the complete opposite end of Sana’a from the US Embassy and the other western hotels.  The article from al-Ghad says that the buildings hit housed employees of Safr Oil (Formerly Hunt until it was turned over to the Yemeni government). It also says that “casualties were transported by ambulances”…which is contrary to the English reports which said there were no casualties.

UPDATE: AQ-Yemen has claimed credit. The claim wasn’t posted in the forums though…this isn’t strange necessarily strange for the new al Qaeda in Yemen. It also appears I was right about the location. This article says it was behind the “Ramada” hotel owned by Kuwaiti investment – I guess its a Ramada now instead of a Best Western – getting classier.

Blasts Hit Foreigners’ Complex in Yemen


SAN’A, Yemen (AP) – A housing complex used by foreigners in Yemen’s capital came under attack late Sunday, with explosions shattering windows and prompting residents to evacuate with suitcases and boxes.

Nobody was injured in the attack on the upscale Haddah neighborhood. The U.S. Embassy said “three explosive rounds” hit the compound, with two blowing up inside and the third outside.

“The Embassy advises all U.S. citizens to exercise caution in this area of the city,” the statement said.

After the blasts, Westerners were seen evacuating the compound. Some rolled suitcases and carried boxes to vehicles with diplomatic plates. Women huddled in idling cars, while children lugged backpacks.


Full Text of al Wasat’s al Qaeda Interview

January 31, 2008

Just in the Arabic now. When I get some time I’ll go back and see if I can translate some of it.

لاأمان للسواح لأن دولهم محاربة ولسنا معنيين بأمان الدولة لهم 

هذا اللقاء تم بواسطة الهاتف مع المسئول الإعلامي للقاعدة في اليمن واسمه الحركي أحمد منصور. تم اللقاء عبر شخص يكنى (أبو عبد الرحمن) والذي يتواصل معنا ف

ي كل قضية لها علاقة بالقاعدة ولم يكذب في أي معلومة أبلغنا إياها. هذا المصدر أكد التصريح الأمني لصحيفة سبتمبر أنه شخصية معروفة للجهات الأمنية في معرض محاولة تكذيبها لتصريحه في عدد (الوسط) الماضي إلا أن تكذيب سبتمبر اثبت ما جاء في التصريحات من حيث لا تدري. في هذا اللقاء يؤكد المسئول الإعلامي بعض القضايا المعروفة ويكشف عن أخرى ولعل أهمية الحديث تأتي من أن هذا أول لقاء لمسئول من القاعدة وقد راعى أن يكون حذرا ربما لاحتياطات أمنية. ولكن ما يهم هنا هو التأكيد على أن الأجهزة الأمنية ما زالت تتعامل

مع القاعدة بحسب ما تعرفه عن شخصياتها التي لم تعد فعاله فيما تتجاهل مدا قاعديا يتجه صوب شباب عاطل وفقير


Nabil al Mankali Will be Extradited to Spain

January 30, 2008

No death for you. Lets see if Spain does what Yemen does with its citizens arrested for terrorism in foreign countries.

Yemen to extradite criminal to Spain  

SANA’A, Jan. 29 (Saba) – Well-informed sources have said that Yemen would extradite the Spanish citizen Nabil Nankly, who has been jailed in Yemen on the charges of terror acts to his country.

The sources pointed that the extradition of Nankly would be within the criminal extradition agreement signed by the two countries in 2007.

Nabil was accused of carrying out and plotting of terrorist attacks, bombings and assassinating big figures in Yemen.

He was arrested in 1997 while attempting to shoot a foreign tourist at a hotel in the capital Sana’a.

Terrorist Attacks Do Effect Tourism

January 27, 2008

Despite what the government claimed after that attack, the shooting of the Belgians seems to have had major ramifications for those in the tourism industry in Hadhramout. This only makes sense. If the government itself hasn’t restricted travel permission to the region, Embassies, foreign businesses and NGOs most likely have…at least for the time being. I don’t know why the Ministry of Tourism expects us to believe that the attack had no ill effects – insulting our intelligence.

Hadramout attack on tourists severely affected tourism in Yemen  


Seche Believes al Moayad is Innocent – Not!

January 26, 2008


This story has been in the Yemeni press for a few days now…good to see it was finally picked up by an English paper. From the other reports, it sounded like Seche was trying to explain to the sheikhs how his personal belief carries no weight in an independent judiciary…its not surprising that they didn’t understand.


UPDATE On Terror Suspects in Belgian Shooting

January 21, 2008

Well, more like a confirmation. Mukalla Today says the suspects were apprehended on the basis of reports from locals, and confirms that a number of them where caught on the road to Shabwa. The report ends by citing sources that said the “taqfiri terrorists” were from “outside the governorate” (of Hadhramout).


AQ-Yemen Targets Tourists Again: 2 Belgians Shot Dead

January 19, 2008


Hadhramout is not generally a dangerous place, and the existence of al Qaeda there would definitely be a worrisome development. We now have two high-profile attacks against tourist in a row – which supports the theory that AQ-YemenZ has switched target goals from oil installations to foreign civilians. Just as when the Spaniards were killed, the government appears to have also received warnings from the group prior to the event.

Despite what the Belgian Foreign Minister callously said, Hajjarayn is generally not a dangerous area. It is a popular tourist destination, and is famous for its honey. I have been there many times – and it is quite different from Marib, where the Spaniard bombing took place. By hitting in Hadhramout, AQ may be showing that they are not contained by remote desert and mountains, but can strike anywhere within Yemen – even a relatively peaceful area like Hajjarayn.

That fact that the attack was significantly less sophisticated than the attack on the Spaniards is interesting. The car bomb attack in Mareb took much more preparation,  a spotter was also reportedly used. The use of a suicide bomber obviously puts that event on a much higher level than a relatively unsophisticated ambush with AKs – which everyone in Yemen has. This leaves open the distinct possibility that this was not al Qaeda.   

The Mareb Press and Mukalla Today have the terrorist retreating in s Beige Toyota Landcruiser in the direction of Shabwa…which would make sense. If true, it would also suggest that the jihadist elements may not be native to Hadhramout. Hajjarayn lays southwest of the other major tourist attractions in the governorate – and it is the closest one to Shabwa, which lies just to the west.