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Al Qaeda Elements Threaten Mareb Authorities, Soldier Killed, Regional Command Bombed

April 12, 2008

This doesn’t sound like any organized al Qaeda-Yemen operation…shooting at an army vehicle and running away. Of course, a number of checkpoints have been attacked as well lately, which AQ apparently later claimed credit for. The “bomb” is more likely a grenade. There are plenty in Mareb sympathetic to al Qaeda and hostile to the central and provincial authority, so it’s not surprising that a threat/eulogy would be sent out. Additionally, the tribes have learned by now that any mention of al Qaeda is a good way to get attention. I could be wrong, but I’m not convinced.

UPDATE: confirms the “explosion.”


Al Qaeda threatens leadership in Mareb: One soldier killed in Mareb

السبت 12 إبريل-نيسان 2008 / Mareb Press

One soldier was killed on Saturday by unknown men on Safer road in Mareb province.

The attackers opened fire on an army vehicle leading to the death of one solider. The attackers were able to run away.

The security apparatus are still search and investigating to know the attackers.

On other hand, unknown men threw a bomb on the building of the Command of Middle Region causing no casualties.

It’s worth mentioning that the building of the Command of Middle Region was exposed to a number of attacks during the last months. The attacks allegedly carried out by Al Qaeda. The attack occurred during day time not at night as usual.

Unknown men have distributed publications threatening the leadership and social figures in Mareb with death for being involved, as they claimed, in killing four Al Qaeda men.

The publications which include poems also praise and lament the four Al Qaeda men.


NDI Says Terror Result of Weak Local Governance

January 16, 2008

And who appoints governors again…hmm? This could have been a really interesting article had the reporter bothered to elaborate. Dimitrof, of course, is exactly right that effective local governments – not just branches of the central government – are the key to quelling terror activity in the governorates.

Bad governance led to terror operations in Mareb, al-Jawf and Shabwa: NDI


SANA’A, NewsYemen

The director of US National Democratic Institute (NDI) office in Sana’a Peter Dimitrof has attributed terrorist operations that took place in Shabwa, Mareb and al-Jawf provinces to weak local governance in those provinces.

Dimitroff said in a press conference organized by Media Women Forum on Monday, that Yemen has a leading democracy in the region so the NDI has chosen it to be its office location.

Dimitroff welcomed again the initiative of president Saleh regarding women quota. But he said that Yemeni political parties deceived women candidates in the latest local elections 2006 as they did not support them.