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The Empty Quarter has moved

January 25, 2009

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Post Revisits U.S.S. Cole

May 5, 2008

For those who don’t know the whole saga, the Post has a thorough overview of the U.S.S. Cole bombing and its aftermath. Nothing really new, except some quotes from Yemeni officials. The documents accompanying the article are in interesting read too. Regarding Yemen’s refusal to cooperate with the initial investigation – I know that since that time Yemenis have undergone FBI training, including in forensics…no more excuses.


Sadiq is Catching On

April 21, 2008

This is why Sadiq al Ahmar’s control of Islah is such a tragedy. I feel sorry for the Brothers and true “reformists” within the party who must deal with him. I don’t disagree with anything he is saying, just the sentiment behind it.


Zindani on AIDS

April 9, 2008

The Mad Islamic Scientist speaking on his cure for AIDS at an “AIDS Conference.” I remember when he first announced that he had discovered a cure…we ran a nice (albeit sarcastic) piece congratulating him. We need to get this guy in touch with Pfizer. You can see past news of the Sheikhs discovery at Armies of Liberation.

UPDATE: Now in English.


الزنداني يتحدث في مؤتمر دولي عن الإيدز و القضاء عليه

أخبار الوطن: سيتناول آخر مستجدات اختراعه الدوائي للقضاء على فيروس الإيدز وسيتطرق للشهادات التي منحت لاختراعه

الأربعاء 09 إبريل-نيسان 2008 / مأرب برس– خاص

في إطار فعاليات المؤتمر الطبي الدولي الأول, تستضيف الجمعية الطبية الخيرية اليمنية مساء الجمعة القادمة الشيخ عبدالمجيد الزنداني – رئيس جامعة الإيمان- في محاضرة مفتوحة حول فيروس نقص المناعة (الأيدز) وما تم التوصل إليه من اختراعات دوائية للقضاء عليه

وقال مصدر مسئول في اللجنة التنظيمية للمؤتمر الطبي إن الشيخ الزنداني سيتناول في محاضرته هذه آخر مستجدات اختراعه الدوائي للقضاء على فيروس الإيدز وسيتطرق للشهادات التي منحت لاختراعه من مراكز علمية وطبية عالمية, إلى جانب أنه سيستمع إلى أسئلة واستفسارات الأطباء والصيادلة المشاركين في المؤتمر الطبي والمعرض السادس للأدوية اللذان يحتضنهما مركز اكسبو صنعاء


Mueller Gives Saleh FBI Pep-Talk

April 9, 2008


Blah Blah Blah… Is this a high-level bid for Elbaneh, or just a goodwill visit? Can’t help but compare Muller’s indication that:

“the strong, united and stable Yemen serves security and stability of the region and the world, expressing admiration of Yemen’s advance in democracy and development.”

To the letter from President Bush delivered by Fran Townsend that stressing that:

 “Yemen’s security, stability and unity a significant element for serving stability in the region, renewing his country’s confirmation on maintaining the support for Yemen’s security and unity as well as its progress in democracy and development…”


 I’m not hating on Muller, I’m not even convinced that this standard script is even coming from U.S. officials…it is the state news agency after all. I’m just playing irony police.


President Saleh meets FBI director


SANA’A, April 09 (Saba)- President Ali Abdullah Saleh met on Wednesday Director of Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Robert Muller.

Mutual cooperation relations and joint cooperation ties between Yemen and the United States of America, especially combating terrorism, were discussed.

Muller hailed the existing partnership between the two countries, confirming the US support for Yemen’s efforts in combating terrorism fields.

He indicated that the strong, united and stable Yemen serves security and stability of the region and the world, expressing admiration of Yemen’s advance in democracy and developmental fields.


Canadian Nexen Hit Next

April 9, 2008

Disarmed? So it’s not mortars this time…ieds?

Blast near Canadian oil firm Nexen offices in Yemen

SANAA, April 10 (Reuters) – A blast shook an area near the headquarters of Canadian oil company Nexen (NXY.TO: Quote, Profile, Research) (NXY.N: Quote, Profile, Research) in the Yemeni capital Sanaa early on Thursday but there were no casualties, a Yemeni security official said.

A second explosive device was disarmed, the official told Reuters.

The blast followed Sunday’s mortar attack that broke windows at a compound housing Americans and other Westerners in Sanaa, which was claimed by an al Qaeda-linked group in the poor Arabian Peninsula country.


Canadians, Indians Find Oil, New al Qaeda Target

April 8, 2008


Calvalley, Reliance consortium finds oil in Yemen

MUMBAI, April 8 (Reuters) – A consortium led by Canada’s Calvalley Petroleum (CVIa.TO: Quote, Profile, Research) that includes India’s Reliance Industries Ltd (RELI.BO: Quote, Profile, Research) has struck oil in a block in Yemen, Reliance’s president for international business said on Tuesday.

“We have drilled a well and there are oil shows, but we have not tested the oil so far,” Reliance’s Atul Chandra told Reuters, confirming a report in the Economic Times.

“All indications are there that is oil there and testing will be done subsequently,” he said, adding it was too early to ascertain the production profile of the find.


Heritage Foundation: Yemen Economy 52.8% Free

January 29, 2008


Business Freedom – 53.7%

Trade Freedom – 66.4%

Fiscal Freedom – 83.2%

Freedom from Government – 58.5%

Monetary Freedom – 62.9%

Investment Freedom – 50%

Financial Freedom – 30%

Property Rights – 30%

Freedom from Corruption – 26%

Labor Freedom – 67.7%

See the whole report:        heritage-small.jpg

Terrorist Attacks Do Effect Tourism

January 27, 2008

Despite what the government claimed after that attack, the shooting of the Belgians seems to have had major ramifications for those in the tourism industry in Hadhramout. This only makes sense. If the government itself hasn’t restricted travel permission to the region, Embassies, foreign businesses and NGOs most likely have…at least for the time being. I don’t know why the Ministry of Tourism expects us to believe that the attack had no ill effects – insulting our intelligence.

Hadramout attack on tourists severely affected tourism in Yemen  


Transcript of Hamid al Ahmar Interview with Dubai TV

January 20, 2008

Unfortunately only in Arabic. Available at: marib-press.JPG