More on al Zindani’s AIDS Cure, Patent Trouble.

Do they even have patents in Yemen? Maybe that’s why he’s having trouble. No joke, it would be great if it was true…but I don’t have much “faith” in the al Iman head. I think the all the henna might be affecting to his brain. Now hepatitis B and C, and diabetes! Wow, I can’t wait.


Yemeni university announces AIDS remedy

SANA’A, April 12 (Saba) – Chairman of the Iman University Abdul Majeed al-Zindani has announced his university readiness to treat HIV-affected people.

The announcement was made at a press conference on the sidelines of the first international health conference that coincided with the sixth medical forum held recently in Yemen.

Al-Zindani said that after twenty years of search he and a medical team could produce a medication that will help cure the HIV- affected people.

He added the medication was produced under the supervision of the University of Abdul Aziz Bin Saud.

Experiments conducted on animals indicated the medicine was safe and no side effects could associate its use.

Al-Zindani said he is facing difficulties preventing him from getting patent, pointing out that the Public Health and Population ministry promised to give him a patent after he gave it samples of the drug to be tested.

On the other hand, he indicated that he had conducted other searches by which he could produce medicines for treating the diseases of the hepatitis B and hepatitis C, and diabetes.

But he added that it is difficult to provide large quantities of these medicines for people.


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23 Responses to “More on al Zindani’s AIDS Cure, Patent Trouble.”

  1. Ahmad Ali Says:

    My only explaination for what he’s doing is that he wants funding for his “research”. After his listing as a terrorist he has been having a hard time getting funds for his “charities” and “University”. He is willing to sacrifice the life of AIDS patients in order to make some money.

    The Ministry of Health and almost all Yemeni doctors know that he has no cure and that’s why he couldn’t get approval for his cure. But, as you may know, in Yemen you can do illegal tests on patients as long as you have a militia to protect you.

    The patent is not a problem, because it doesn’t require proof that the cure works. It’s just an excuse. And Al-Zindani is refusing to give samples of the cure or disclose its ingredients because they might steal it. So how does he expect to get the patent.

    He claims that the research was done under the supervision of the University of Abdul Aziz Bin Saud. But the head of immunology at that university Dr. Jamil Al-Mughales has said publicly that the cure doesn’t work. Or may be the research is supervised by the Department of Islamic studies at the University of King AbdulAziz. As you may know, Al-Iman university is not really a university, it only teaches Salafi Islam and the lecturers don’t have university degrees (Al-Zindani himself does university degree). The students have not necessarily been to school before entering university. So what kind of research can this university do.

  2. ayhem ali Says:

    Dr.Abdul Majeed Al-Zindani 00967711717333

  3. ayhem ali Says:

    A Muslim scholar from Yemen Sheikh Abdel Maguid Al-Zindani discoved from natural herbs a cure to the disease immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). As Aljazeera reported, the scholar with the help of a dozen of researcher found the cure based research in medicine Tradition and medical miracles in the Sunnah of the Prophet Mohammad peace be up on him.

    Sana’a (dpa) – A prominent Yemeni cleric on Tuesday claimed his university had cured a Libyan child infected with HIV-AIDS using herbs and offered to do likewise for other Libyan children infected with the virus.
    “We (the university) successfully cured a Libyan child from HIV/AIDS,” Sheikh Abdul Majeed al-Zindani, head of Yemen’s Islamic al-Iman University told reporters in Sana’a after a brief meeting with Saif al-Islam Qadhafi, son of Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi.
    Asked about the nature of the medicament he used for the treatment, al-Zindani said: “Natural herbs.”
    After the treatment was completed, the child was sent to Jordan and Germany for HIV testing, and the results were “negative,” al- Zindani said.
    He said the child was among the 426 Libyan children, whose infection with HIV/AIDS infection eight years ago was blamed by Libyan authorities on five Bulgarian nurses and a Palestinian doctor.This is the contact number for Dr.Abdul Majeed Al-Zindani 00967711717333.

  4. miri Says:


  5. william albert Says:

    the western always claim they are the best, thats why when other people found a new medicine or tecnology, they always refuse to believed. I always believe in islamic researchers because their true religion prohibited them from making false claim. Congratulation Dr Abdul Majeed

  6. jihane Says:

    How can I get the medicine for aids?
    I live in holland a lot of people have aidsin holland.
    I know that dutch people don´t believe it because they dont believe in allah and they cant stand it that muslims found the medicine for aids.
    The issue is that in Holland where are muslims live too don´t know the solution of aids and I really belive in it becease the propet muhamed said that hebba sawda is a solution for every dease accept the DEATH.
    I want to know what hadits you have to read or what dua´s and what herbs you have to drink or eet? how many times in the day?
    They must spread the solution to other people especially to the muslims.
    It´s haram if they don´t spread it to every one or ask a lot of money.

    Please say me what the medicine is?
    I will send it to mosques and other people in holland!

    • ami Says:

      It is a eajaz 1 capsule. Here in Malaysia, I bought it for RM600 per bottle which contains 90 pills. I work wonder for me and I start to believe it. Several sickness had been cures. Praise to Allah.
      I can be reach at email :

  7. hamdi Says:

    I agree what Jihen says. It´s haram if they don´t spread it to every one or ask a lot of money.
    Pharmaceutical companies must quickly produce this medicine with the true chemical composition. Because, the herbal sources are not enough to all people.

  8. Hamba Allah Says:

    I hope that this remedy is real and soon will be the cure for this horrible disease.

  9. aftab Says:

    can u give me the Cell number i am trying on that its not work

  10. hakim Says:

    Does the Zandani have a cure for Binswagner disease, please tell me.

  11. Mohammed B Says:

    Dr.Abdul Majeed Al-Zindani DR as in Doctor? or PHD? cause he didn’t finish High school, or went to college, but went and studied medicine in a university!! FOR TWO YEARS…. this gets better :), he owns the university!! isnt this funny? i wonder how he gets rich enough to afford a university … maybe because he gets people to believe anything he says, and pay anyprice so he can get more money!!!

    This guy is a fraud guys, but lets hope he finds a cure to telling the truth instead of lying. He has an organizing that scams people, I would seriously go to Sana yemen and talk to him, confront him but i would end up being shot by one of his undercover men who blends in the crowd to cover for him encase someone is telling the truth about him. Scammer, liar, and a killer. I really do wish for the best for people who have Aids around the world, and maybe allah bring them a cure.

  12. Hisham Says:

    @ Mohammad B and Ahmad Ali.
    Wallaahi you dont deserve to carry those names!
    the only thing you seem able to do is accuse and talk about a brother who is striving in the path of Allaah. Our most beloved (saws) has said: it is enough of a sin for a person to tell everthing he hears. Allaah says: and if you hear news from a fasiq (kafir, someone not trustworthy, you know the person who hosts this webserver or the one who relayed the news about dr al zindani), then VERIFY the news, lest you commit wrong.
    Wallaahi fear Allaah. If you are serious and want to talk more you can reach me on my email

  13. Manohar Says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have Hepatitis B from 3 years i am search soutable medicine i hard that you are having this kind of medicine please can you send me details of address then i can contact to you this medice is very essentioal forme

  14. zubair Says:

    Where can i get this herbal cure for HIV.

  15. Wonderful Says:

    Fantastic read seeing that I was unsure what to do and easily uncovered my remedy 🙂

  16. ben Says:


    he is lying to you

  17. salma Says:

    asalamu aliukum
    i would like to get Dr al zindani contact details regarding hiv cure this number 00967711717333 is not working, so i want his contact details please jazak allah khayr.

  18. Sarah Says:

    Has anybody been in Yemen for this “cure” ??

    Ive contacted Yemen, Sanaa hospital but I want to see if anybody has been there for this and how it did go?

    Love Sarah

  19. Abdirahman Says:

    this doctor is very interesting and yes he did find cure for aids by how dark is this world insulting and not appreciating the good people

  20. Zfi Says:

    Can i know, where can i get hiv cure , i mean a medicine for those who suffer with HIV . Because someone that really close with me really need that cure . Please

  21. Siman Says:

    I need Dr al-zanidaani

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