AQ-Yemen Strikes Again?


It appears as though al Qaeda influenced elements have attempted to target westerners again. This time, instead of going after the US embassy, they launched mortars at a housing complex in the affluent suburb of Hadda. I know that the there is a secured complex next to the (Best Western) Haddah Hotel (you can see the rows of houses in the  SW corner of the complex above). The Yemen Observer called the targeted buildings the “Kuwait Housing Complex,” a name I am not familiar with.  It is note worthy that Hadda Hotel is on the complete opposite end of Sana’a from the US Embassy and the other western hotels.  The article from al-Ghad says that the buildings hit housed employees of Safr Oil (Formerly Hunt until it was turned over to the Yemeni government). It also says that “casualties were transported by ambulances”…which is contrary to the English reports which said there were no casualties.

UPDATE: AQ-Yemen has claimed credit. The claim wasn’t posted in the forums though…this isn’t strange necessarily strange for the new al Qaeda in Yemen. It also appears I was right about the location. This article says it was behind the “Ramada” hotel owned by Kuwaiti investment – I guess its a Ramada now instead of a Best Western – getting classier.

Blasts Hit Foreigners’ Complex in Yemen


SAN’A, Yemen (AP) – A housing complex used by foreigners in Yemen’s capital came under attack late Sunday, with explosions shattering windows and prompting residents to evacuate with suitcases and boxes.

Nobody was injured in the attack on the upscale Haddah neighborhood. The U.S. Embassy said “three explosive rounds” hit the compound, with two blowing up inside and the third outside.

“The Embassy advises all U.S. citizens to exercise caution in this area of the city,” the statement said.

After the blasts, Westerners were seen evacuating the compound. Some rolled suitcases and carried boxes to vehicles with diplomatic plates. Women huddled in idling cars, while children lugged backpacks.

Yemen, the poorest country in the Arab world, is Osama bin Laden’s ancestral homeland and has a persistent al-Qaida movement that has attacked and killed foreigners on several occasions.

Last month, mortar shells were fired at the U.S. Embassy but exploded instead at a nearby girls’ school, killing a security guard and wounding more than a dozen students.

A Yemeni security official, describing himself as the head of security in Haddah area, said that blast was caused by multiple “projectiles.”

“Broken windows … were all that resulted from the projectiles’ attack,” the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity because he was not allowed to speak to the media. Nobody was hurt, he said.

Two other security officials, who also spoke on condition of anonymity for the same reason, corroborated his account.

A witness said a blast shook the neighborhood.

“I heard a big blast that shook the southern suburb, but there was no fire or smoke coming out of the area,” said Mohammed Omar, 30, who lives in the same area.

Sunday’s attack came amid a backdrop of violence in Yemen’s south, where security forces have been trying to put down riots by thousands of former southern Yemen army officers, political activists and unemployed men who accuse the government of unequal treatment. Two people were killed and eight others were wounded Sunday in continued clashes there.



Explosion inflicts damage on a residential complex for Yemenis & foreigners

Sunday, 06-April-2008 – Eyewitnesses have confirmed to the hearing of an explosion sound happened near a residential complex close to Hada Hotel inhabited by Yemenis and foreigners located south-west of Sana’a.

As there is no available information yet on the nature of the explosion that happened Sunday evening, eyewitnesses mentioned that the police imposed security cordon around the area.

There is no official information on occurrence of any human casualties while sources mentioned that the explosion caused slight damage to the residential complex.



 قذائف صاروخية تصيب مجمعاً سكنياً للأجانب وشركة صافر للنفط بحدة

الإثنين , 7 أبريل 2008 م
يعتقد أن منفذيه ينتمون لتنظيم “القاعدة” في اليمن
الشرطة أغلقت المنطقة وأخلت المجمع من سكانه،
وسيارات إسعاف نقلت مصابين

تعرض مجمع حدة السكني في العاصمة صنعاء إلى هجوم بقذائف يعتقد أنها من نوع “مورتر”، أصابت الوحدة السكنية رقم (2) الذي يقطنها عدد من الأجانب، ومبنى “.شركة صافر اليمنية للنفط المجاور لها داخل المجمع الذي يخضع لإجراءات أمنية مشددة منذ سنوات تحسباً لأي اعتداءات “إرهابية

وكان الهجوم وقع حوالي الساعة الثامنة مساء أمس بتوقيت العاصمة صنعاء، حيث هرعت دوريات الشرطة ورجال الأمن إلى الموقع وأغلقت الشوارع المؤدية إليه، فيما شاهد شهود عيان 3 سيارات إسعاف تدخل إلى المجمع بعد دقائق من سماع دوي الانفجارات
مصادر مطلعة أبلغت “الغد” -وهي ماثلة للطبع- أن ثمة اعتقاد في أجهزة الأمن بأن نوع القذائف يشبه تلك التي استخدمها عناصر ينتمون لتنظيم “القاعدة” في الهجوم الذي استهدف السفارة الأميركية وأصاب مدرسة 7 يوليو للطالبات الشهر الماضي، وأنها أطلقت عن بعد من الجهة الشرقية للمجمع


وتحدثت هذه المصادر عن احتمال وجود إصابات جراء الهجوم الذي أحدث دماراً جزئياً في المبنى، ولم تستبعد أن يكون الهجوم استهدف أجانب يقطنون المجمع، حيث أخلت أجهزة الأمن جميع الأجانب الساكنين فيه بعد الحادث، غالبيتهم خبراء وموظفين في شركات أجنبية تعمل في اليمن















Three blasts hit housing complex in Sana’a

Written By: Mohammed al-Kibsi
Article Date: Apr 7, 2008 – 11:11:10 PM

Three blasts hit the Kuwait housing Complex in the south western part of Sana’a at 19:33 Sana’a local time on Sunday.

Eyewitnesses said they heard three successive explosions with 5 seconds space time between the first , second and third explosion.

They said some dust was seen evaporating from the housing complex but no fire or smoke was seen.

Security officials said no one was hurt and that some windows glasses were shattered. At least one of the shells hit one of the buildings but caused no damage or casualties.

The U.S. Embassy in Yemen urged Americans to exercise caution after the attack on a housing complex for foreigners in the capital.

An embassy statement says “three explosive rounds” hit the Haddah compound around 8 p.m. Sunday. There were no reports of injuries, it said.

Yemeni security officials say the complex was used by foreign companies in Sana’a. It’s in an upscale neighborhood that houses foreigners working for some companies including Americans, they said.

Police immediately cordoned off the area.

A security source released to Saba news agency that the three shells were fired from a distance and that the security authorities have been carrying out investigations to know who were behind the attack.

Last month, mortar shells hit a girls school near the US Embassy killing a security guard and wounding more than a dozen students.






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