7 Arrested in Post-Al Qaeda Attack Roundup

Many sources out there have seven people arrested so far. According to al-Riyadh, many of the seven “Ilsamists” arrested have information about “suicide bombers.” The article does not make clear whether the arrests were specifically linked to the arrest of Abdullah al-Raimi on 5 April, or whether they were picked up following the projectile attack. The AFP article for its part does say that the seven were arrested “in conection with the attack,” however. If you recall, the AQ-Yemen video released earlierl by the “Jund al-Yemen Brigades” included statements by an “Abu Miqdad” claiming he was a suicide bomber ready to sacrifice himself for UBL. Also, apparently the projectiles were launched by three people from a vehicle in the neighborhood. 

(the al-Riyadh article is rather silly in the way it mixes in reporting of AQ and the southern riots…as if the two are linked)

UPDATE: AP is saying the seven were arrested “on suspicion of involvement in the attacks.”


القاعدة) تتبنى الهجوم على سكن أمريكيين في صنعاء.. وصالح يشكل لجنة لمعالجة الأوضاع بالجنوب)

:صنعاء – محمد القاضي

شنت السلطات الأمنية اليمنية في العاصمة صنعاء حملة اعتقالات على خلفية الهجوم الذي تعرض له مبني يسكن فيه عمال شركة هنت الأمريكية للنفط بالقذائف مساء الأحد فيما مسؤل امني قال ان القاعدة تقف وراء الهجوم

وقالت المصادر ل”الرياض” ان حملة الاعتقالات طالت نحو سبعة اشخاص ينتمون الى جماعات اسلامية ربما يكون لديها معلومات تقود الى المفجرين. كما قامت باستجواب بعض سكان الحي المجاور للمبني واخذت معلومات منهم واطلقت سراحهم. وكان مجمع حدة السكني تعرض للقصف بثلاث قذائف متفجرة لم ينتج عنها اصابات. وقالت السفارة الأمريكية في بيان حصلت “الرياض” على نسخة منه ان قذيفتين “.انفجرتا داخل المجمع بينما انفجرت القذيفة الثالثة خارج المجمع. ودعت السفارة التي أغلق الشارع الذي يمر من إمامها “كل الرعايا الأمريكيين” ب “توخي الحذر في هذه المنطقة من المدينة

Read the rest:


US ‘works closely’ with Yemeni government on rocket attack

WASHINGTON (AFP) — The United States said Monday it was “working closely” with the Yemeni government on a rocket attack that targeted a compound in Sanaa where US oil experts were reportedly housed.

“We are working quite well and quite closely with the Yemeni government on it,” State Department spokesman Sean McCormack told reporters when asked for details of the attack.

He then referred journalists to a message available to Americans living in Yemen via the US embassy, which said it had reports that the area of the Al-Hadda Compound in southwestern Sanaa was targeted by three explosive rounds.

Two of them exploded inside the compound and one outside, but there “have been no reports of injuries,” according to the so-called warden message on the embassy website.

“The embassy advises all US citizens to exercise caution in this area of the city, and will report any further information that may become available,” it said.

In Sanaa, a security source, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Al-Qaeda claimed responsibility for the attack late on Sunday on villas housing US oil experts in the capital.

The source said police had arrested seven people in connection with the attack, adding that three people had fired the rockets from a car on the edge of the neighbourhood where the villas are located.

Residents told AFP three rockets struck near the residences of US employees of the Yemen-owned Safer oil company, formerly known as Hunt Oil.

The attack on the villas, next to a residential complex for other Westerners, came two days after the arrest in Sanaa of an Al-Qaeda operative, Abdullah al-Rimi, according to the security source.

Sunday’s was the latest attack in the impoverished state, which has been plagued by Al-Qaeda-linked violence.


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