GPC Accuses Islah of Manipulating Union Elections

Maybe we’ll see problems with the Physicians, just like the teachers’ and student’s unions. Funny how Thamer accused Islah of undermining the “unification” of the medical trade unionists…old habit I suppose. I don’t really question the veracity of the accusation – its more of a kettle v. pot issue in my opinion.

Physicians chairman discloses attempt by Islah to rig elections

Friday, 25-January-2008 – Chairman of Yemeni physicians has disclosed Friday attempts by the Yemeni Congregation for Reform (Islah) party of rigging the union’s elections in the capital after its failure in elections of the branches where the General People’s Congress (GPC) has won by 70% against 12.5% for Islah.

In a statement to Dr Abdulkarim Thamer accused today the Islah party of trying to undermine unification of medical trade unionist action and abort the process of election even after agreement and drawing up regulations organising the progress of the electoral process in a democratic and transparent way.

The physicians chairman added that representatives of the GPC withdrew from the general conference yesterday because the Islah had brought persons having nothing to do with the medical profession and also transferred doctors who had already voted in the governorates elections to the capital in an attempt for rigging by voting for more than once.


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