CLARIFICATION: US Congressional STAFFERS Meet With Yemeni Ministers

Yemeni-American reporter Munir Mawari has been doing some home work and he discovered that the “American Congressional Delegation” visit that has been publicized in Yemen lately is actually only congressional staffers:

“This is misleading story and media scandal. I checked with the Congress and have been informed that none of the US Congress members visiting Yemen. The delegation consists of 13 staff members from those who work for the congress. The Yemeni government is misleading its own people to show that US legislators are supporting Yemini Democracy.”

Good job Munir! 


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12 Responses to “CLARIFICATION: US Congressional STAFFERS Meet With Yemeni Ministers”

  1. Hussain Alharazy Says:

    Mr. munir,
    What difference does it make at the end they are Amereicans,
    any way we are used to your lies and hate of your home country I am not
    against free press but agsint you rlies

  2. Hussain Alharazy Says:

    Mr Munir,

    You are free to critisize The president the governments, we do and
    the local press critisize more than you does, but your problem is
    a hate and lies I don’t understand why, you are telling that no cdemocracy in Yemen you rather say yes there is democracy but not good enough
    you coud say yest ther is progress in Yemen econemy but there is corrucption and bad administration as the local press does

  3. Trey Campbell Says:

    I agree with you, Hussain, that often times those who are concerned with democracy in Yemen focus too much on the negatives and don’t give enough credit to the country for what it has achieved. However, I think those who criticize democracy in Yemen do so because of the potential they see in the country.

    I disagree with you that Munir “hates” his native country. It is obvious to me that Munir cares very deeply about Yemen, and that is the very reason he reports on what he sees as wrong. I would remind you that Munir was the one that broke the story on the problems with the nuclear deal – information the anti-corruption committee (hardly people who hate Yemen) agreed with.

    I also disagree with you that the local press criticizes the president and government in a meaningful manner. The lack of an independent judicial system, coupled with an ambiguous press law that threatens journalists with civil and criminal retribution, does not equal a free press or healthy, non-partisan criticism.

    As far as the issue of the Congressional delegation is involved, I agree and disagree with you. I agree that it is still significant that the US Congress sent a delegation to Yemen. I don’t think that it really diminishes the purpose of the delegation at all. However, I think that there was a purposeful ommission of the fact that no politicians were part of the delegation…if it wasn’t purposeful it was just bad journalism on the part of SABA.

    I hope that you continue to read this blog and offer your opinions. I really enjoy sincere debate

  4. Munir Mawari Says:

    Thank You Trey for your great comment. I would like also to add to Mr.Hussain that the lie came from the government side. I am a journalist who was graduated from a communication school and I would never change the word staff to Congress members. I respect those who took the risk to travel to Yemen, the country that I love, but the reality is that they have been used in the Yemeni media for the benefit of the most corrupted regime in the region. Since they do not speak Arabic, It is important to let them know about the way that the Yemeni media covered their visit. The Yemeni government lied again by announcing that” Yemen refused to host future forum” We all know who decided not to go to Yemen. I am personally in love with Yeme. That is why I dislike its courted government.

  5. hussain Alharazy Says:


    First of all I just want to tell one thing I think some people they don’t unedstand or they are just igonoarance, every country in the world of course US has an Embassy and ambassadors to report back to their
    own countries the progress in any country they represent, otherwise what is the purpose of their presence. If these embassis are not reporting back to their own countries about the positives in Yeme ofcourse there are
    negatives but as far as I can see the positives are more than 50% in a country suc as Yemen wiht a lot of probelm such as tribal, illertracy, relegen and so on, because of the postivie reporting they got full support in London conference wihh an aid of over 5 billion and as you might read a lot of investors and projects have been implemented or lanned during 2007 and 2008, you have to be realistic and not idealstic for a country such as Yemen with a lot of comlication, why I mention lie, in one of the
    region TV I think Alarabia you mention that the president send the Generals to Sada War because he was woried that these Generals might overthrow him and so on which is not realistic and some times
    he uses bad words against the presidnet who is the symbol of the cdountry yes you can critsize him but not using bad words you shuold be polite educated and relastic when you talk about your president and country any way these days no one cares to read about Yemen from
    other presses the locals say more and meaning full because they live
    the facts not reporting form distances

  6. hussain Alharazy Says:

    Trey, Did you ever vist Yemen?
    Are you Trey who appeared in Aljazeera Televesion some times
    ago in a program from Washington if I am not wrong Foreign Minister
    of Yemen was there at the dsiucussion, if so then I under stand the whole story

  7. hussain Alharazy Says:

    Munir, If I ma not wrong recently in Dubai President Bush set an
    example of Yemen Democracy do you think he is wrong about it ?

  8. Munir Mawari Says:

    Dear Hussain.
    It is a fact that the president of Yemen Sent General Ali Muhssin and others to Sadda, I did not make up the story. The reason why he sent them there instead of his son, General Ahmed Ali, is to get rid of them. This was my analysis on Alarabyia TV. My analysis did not conflict with the actual fact. Besides that, I was commentating not reporting and this is my opinion. Regarding President Bush visit to the region, we have to be accurate, he mentioned the election in Yemen but never set Yemen as an example of Democracy, otherwise, he would not snub Yemen during his visit. I wrote an Article before the visit saying that Bush will not stop in Yemen. If Mr. Bush braises the Democracy of Façade in Yemen, he is definitely wrong, and I will not be afraid of criticizing him sharply. There is no democracy in the world reproduce same president for 30 years. I differentiate between the country and the president. He is not my symbol, but Yemen is my country. Mr. Ali Saleh will be gone but Yemen will stay for ever.

  9. Trey Campbell Says:

    Hi Hussain,

    Yes, I have lived, and been employed in Yemen multiple times over the years. As for al Jazeera, no, I have never appeared on that show, nor have I met Dr. al-Qirbi personally – although I know a number of people who do know him personally.

    Ali Mohsen is the largest military threat to Saleh, and I have actually been thinking the same thing as Munir. If a coup were to happen, this man is the most likely to lead it – I don’t hink that is very controversial. Whether a coup will ever happen is another matter. Personally, I do not want to see Ali Mohsen in charge of Yemen.

    For all its problems, Yemen is much closer to democracy than most other countries in the region – this is true. The problem is that the country has stalled and is not moving forward fast enough. Democracy in Yemen has become a rhetorical tool instead of a real goal, and that is a shame.

  10. hussain Alharazy Says:

    Hi Trey Munir,
    Ali Muhsin is never been a threat, I just want to remind Munir that all the Yemeni intelectuals took his statement as A joke, believe me Munir if you want Yemenis to respect you and always listitn to Munir don’t call the president in bad names and always say facts and tell the positives and the negatives to make people believe you, when you comment on Sada war we were about 8 in the Room and we thought you are joking. Most Yemenis take your comment as joke, we all of us critisize the government the president the situation in the country but we mention the postive and the negative and in a polite manner and of course with truth. Yes there is corruption bad administration but do you think there is no improvement, Tery yes Ali Saleh Ruled the country for thirty years but at least he is much better than other dictators he set the begining of Democracy and now he is in the process of bringing more changes such as the Local government to be electd by the Locals it doesn’t mattter who is in the top as long as he is bringing the changes. Franko of Spain ruled the country for more than 40 years during the rule he set a demcoratic
    and stable Spain Saleh too, Saleh is respected and listened by the majoiry he only can bring the chnages, Yes I agree with you, if he is just keep ruling the country without bringing changes then he should leave immediatley, don’t expect from a country such as Yemen with a lot of complicatioins can some one else bring the changes other than Saleh, I still praise and respect My president and his achievement because he set the first mile for Modr Yemen with all the mistakes , of course with critisizing him and his government but without calling him with bad names, just final advise to Munir ” We live in th region we see what is going here around us, please if you want people to beleive you say the truth butg only the turth I will say this again and again, yes you pointed the nuclear scandals this is we expect from you and other scandals too, yes this is good work please continue with the good work we all of us will listen to you but with facrts and truth.

  11. Munir Mawari Says:

    Dear Hussain, I call Ali Abdulla Saleh, Mr. President. I cannot use the government media term “ God bless him”. If you consider this an insult, no one else will. If you agree with me about the nuclear scandal, I would like to reminded you that the minister who was involved in the scandal still protected by the president. The president did not even hold him accountable for his acts. You will hear very soon about another scandal that one of the president closest relative and assistant is involve in.

  12. Hussain Alharazy Says:

    Dear Munir, you agree with me that the Minister is not relative of the President he could be removed easly unless the p Presidnet see it in a different way, anyway this is not the issue, I agree the scandals and others can be pointed out by any one either living in Yemen or abroad, this is the fruit of Democracy set by Ali Abdullah Saleh, as I mentioned in my Previous reply. Don’t worry more serious scandals are mentioned in the local press we will not be surprised by any scandals coming out from outside Thanks to our ABC of the Democracy.

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