Congress Meets Yemen Education Minister: “Appreciates” “Pracitical Steps”

“Practical steps” – like stepping stools for the kids forced to learn by peering through schoolhouse windows? – overcrowding is a big problem. 

Education minister meets US congress delegation

[21 January 2008]

SANA’A, Jan. 21 (Saba)- Minister of Education Abdul-Salam al-Jawfi met on Monday with a delegation from the US Congress and reviewed with it strategies and programs in fields of basic and secondary education as well as efforts being exerted to improve input and output of educational activities.

He also reviewed the existing efforts to improve hubs of educational activities represented by curriculums, school buildings, trainings and qualification.

Qualifying school administration, encouraging female enrolment for education, achievement of Millennium Development and Dakar conference resolutions for providing education for all by 2015 were also discussed in the meeting.

He made clear challenges and obstacles confronting education in Yemen and efforts of donor communities to modernize and improve education to cope with development and technology.

On their part, the US Congress members appreciated educational process in Yemen and the progress and practical steps which were taken by the government to give priorities for education by allocating 21% of state budget for education.


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3 Responses to “Congress Meets Yemen Education Minister: “Appreciates” “Pracitical Steps””

  1. Munir Mawari Says:

    This is misleading story and media scandal. I checked with the Congress and have been informed that none of the US Congress members visiting Yemen. The delegation consists of 13 staff members from those who work for the congress. The Yemeni government is misleading its own people to show that US legislators are supporting Yemini Democracy.

  2. Trey Campbell Says:

    I suspected it might have been just congressional staffers. I thought it was odd that I hadn’t heard anything about a Yemen trip.

  3. Rice Snubbs Yemen Over al Badawi Says:

    […] So Yemen has decided not to host the conference on Bush’s Mid-East Initiative, “Forum for the Future.” Their official reason involves some sort of technicality with timing. Seriously though, they must think we are all a bunch of hameer – Yemen would jump at the opportunity to host this thing…at any time. All you have to do is look how proud they were to be hosting a delegation of congressional staffers. […]

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