Propaganda on US Congressional visit to Yemen

Al-Arhabi acquaints US congress delegation on reforms in Yemen

[20 January 2008]

SANA’A, Jan. 20 ( Saba)- Minister of Planning and International Cooperation Abdul-Karim al-Arhabi met on Sunday with the American Congress delegation whom he showed nature of economic and political reforms Yemen has carried out in the framework of National Reforms Agenda,indicating Yemen’s keenness on making use US parliamentarian experiences.

Al-Arhabi pointed out that the recent reforms implemented by the government are considered ideal in the areas for issuing law of financial disclosure, combating corruption and forming independent authority in this regard.

Responding to many inquiries made by the delegation over steps taken by Yemen and Gulf countries over Yemen’s integration with GCC, he said that the two parts ( Yemen and Gulf states) are looking forward for a complete integration of Yemen in the Gulf economies, clarifying that the two parts have fixed intention in fitting adequate conditions for realizing this aim, the full integration.

He also informed the delegation on challenges facing Yemen’s development, on top of which are the growing population density and water shortage, indicating the Yemeni government aspiration for support from its partners in development.

For their part, the delegation expressed appreciation of the continuous progress Yemen has achieved in democratic and parliamentarian fields, praising political and economic reforms achieved by the government.



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