Yemen Denies Reports of Gitmo Repatriation Refusal


Gee, who to believe. I’m sure Yemen would just looove to have these guys back, who wouldn’t. I love the last part of the reported letter…how nice.

70 Yemeni detainees to be released from Guantanamo

Written By: Mohammed al-Kibsi
Article Date: Jan 15, 2008 – 11:50:32 PM

President Saleh handed over a message last Saturday in Sana’a to the U.S. Ambassador to Yemen, Steven Seche, to be delivered to President George W. Bush.

The message asked the American president to deal with the Yemeni detainees in Guantanamo and the developments in the Middle East. The message renewed Yemen’s call for the release of the Yemeni detainees in Guantanamo and for their extradition to Yemeni authorities.

Head of GPC public relations, Mohammed Abu Lohoom, affirmed that the communications between the Yemeni government, represented by the foreign ministry and the ministry of human rights, and the U.S. government have succeeded in reaching an agreement to release 70 Yemeni detainees in Guantanamo soon as a preliminary step in dealing with the hundreds still detained there.

Foreign minister Dr. Abu Bakr al-Qirbi has denied news being circulated by some American media claiming that Yemen had refused to take back its prisoners from Guantanamo, and said that Yemen is willing to receive the Yemeni detainees at any time and without any conditions.

Moreover, Saleh’s message called for extraditing the other Yemeni detainees who have been sentenced in the U.S. and are currently being held there, including Sheikh Mohammed al-Moayad and his companion Mohammed Zayed, so that they may complete their sentences in Yemen.

The message also dealt with the latest visit of President Bush to the region, expressing Yemen’s hopes for the success of the efforts he is making for maintaining peace in the region.

President Saleh also praised the American leader’s efforts towards the establishment of an independent Palestinian state and securing the rights of the Palestinian people according to international resolutions, adding that the success of these efforts would put an end to long-term violence and allow regional states a chance to accomplish real development and live in peace.

Saleh also pointed out that success in these efforts would represent a personal and historical accomplishment for President Bush and for the United States.



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2 Responses to “Yemen Denies Reports of Gitmo Repatriation Refusal”

  1. Nerrihs Says:

    Boaaahh so hateeeeeeeee amerikaaaaa usaaa !!

  2. Trey Campbell Says:

    Whattttttttttt doesssssssssss thattttttttttt meannnnnn ??

    !الكراهية ليست صحيه ، وهي اداة للشيطان

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