Socialist Leader: America Should Hault Funds to Yemen

This article actually came out yesterday in 26 September. Some in the YSP have obviously taken notice of how the Yemeni govt. panicked following the the withholding of the Millennium Challenge funds. The YSP frustration over the continual flow of foreign aid to what it sees as a failed government is understandable – it would be much easier for them if the regime didn’t enjoy so much popular support. That said, if the YSP official really formulated his request in the way this article suggests, it is rather ridiculous. I don’t know of any funding tied to the demands of a political party. I agree with him though that it is annoying to constantly hear how democratic Yemen is…of course, judging by the backlash Krajeski got when he suggested otherwise, there isn’t really much of a choice 

YSP incites the Americans to stop its assistance to Yemen

Wednesday, 16-January-2008 – Assistant Secretary General if the Yemen Socialist Party (YSP) Yahya Mansour Anuisbaa requested Tuesday the Americans to use their influence of pressurizing the donor countries to stop their aid to Yemen under pretext of the Yemeni authority irresponsive to demands of parties of the Joint Meeting (JMP).

Abuisbaa has also shown his party’s annoyance of the praise testimonies the international organisations announce concerning development of democracy in Yemen considering those testimonies help the authority let financings from donor states and make the ruling party feel self-conceit.

The YSP leading member considered that the General People’s congress conducting dialogue with the opposition parties of the JMP as out of its feeling that the dialogue serves it before international organisations, calling the American Democratic Institute to put pressure on the ruling party regarding the dialogue with the JMP because the authority listens to those from outside more than the inside parties.

On his part the director of the Middle East programme at the IDI considered that solving the political differences among the political parties has to be done with national accord through serious dialogue. He said the concept of democracy does not mean sharing the pie but must be connected with issues of the masses of whom he said may push for violent solutions when they feel that the parties do not meet their issues. He affirmed that development of democracy has to be connected with existence of multi political options through the existence of parties with leftist orientations and others of religious orientations and a party representing businessmen. He added “We don’t want to have forty parties in Yemen but we want there are parties representing the general interests of the people.”

In a qat-chewing session grouping the director of the American Democratic Institute and the director of NDI in Yemen, political leaders from opposition parties and the GPC in addition to a number of journalists and representatives of civil society organisations, the director of the American democratic Institute considered demands of parties of the JMP for adoption of proportionate representation system in elections as not of avail for developing the political partnership, pointing out that the system is faced with criticisms and sometimes does not allow emergence of political pluralism, citing the stand of the Moroccan opposition.

He said Yemen is in need of large-powered local rule system and the existence of law clear about the political game. He added that Yemen has achieved forward steps and indicated that when the institute began its in Yemen there was nothing in the election register except a limited number of women and there were no local elections and the parliament was as just an approving signature and also there was no political argument inside the parliament as what happens at present.

On his part the director of the NDI in Yemen urged the parties of the JMP not repeat the talk of boycotting everything or boycotting the regime and boycotting the political action, saying the effective political parties should not make the electors feel that the parties have abandoned their issues.

On his part the member of the General Committee at the GPC Abdullah Mujaidie affirmed the GPC readiness for dialogue over different issues, calling on the JMP not to take advantage of dialogue for putting pressure on the GPC. He said some political parties try to fabricate problems and crises before any elections but the country’s interest dictates that dialogue must tackle the important essential issues. Mujaidie affirmed that the local rule is the way for solving many of the problems and pointed out that the GPC wants the establishment of local rule with full powers especially that Yemen has gone a long distance through the local authority system.


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