Eulogy For Fran Townsend

I’m so sad. Seriously though, maybe we can now get someone who is not a sycophantic ideologue advising the government. You may remember my rant against her a month ago. In my opinion, Fran Townsend represented everything that was/is wrong with the U.S. administration’s Mideast policy – namely, too often, it has been more about politics than facts and reality. I try to keep my own personal (especially domestic) politics out of this blog – as good analysis should be free of ideological bias. I expect the same out of a Homeland Security Advisor.

Case in point: This beauty of a clip is her trying to say AQ-Prime and AQ-Iraq are the same entity. Now, almost every fair-minded analyst I know would take serious issue with her characterizations here. Not to mention that she is flat out wrong on the facts. Al Zarqawi had his own jihadist terror cell in Iraq, at Tawhid wal Jihad, prior to swearing allegiance to al Qaeda in October 2004, and there has only been indications that Zarqawi kept up his independent streak until his end – al Iraqi’s role proves this, it doesn’t disprove it. Fran needs to read the Washington Post instead of the New York Post…Newsweek wouldn’t be a bad idea either. Look, either she just doesn’t know the facts, or is trying to ignore them. I don’t dislike her for her politics – whether you’re a liberal a conservative or something in between, you must admit this woman wasn’t an honest advisor – she was a spinnster. Ma’ Salaama Fran, Ma’ Salaama.



One Response to “Eulogy For Fran Townsend”

  1. Kevlaur Says:

    Come on, tell us how you really feel.

    I’m thinking she had a pretty tough job; especially for a woman – engaging male chauvinists Arabs.

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