GPC’s Crisis and Corruption

GPC busy with political crisis while corruption threatens development: bin Talib

SANA’A, NewsYemen

The government is not earnest to fight corruption which has become a real threat against development, said member of Anti-Corruption Parliamentarians Salim bin Talib.

“The financial corruption is widely spread out in the country and risks economic and social development,” said bin Talib. “Reports of the Central Organization of Controlling and Auditing and the admissions of officials in the government confirm this.”

Bin Talib praised the government’s steps such as forming the National Anti-corruption Authority and issuing the Tenders Law, but said such steps have been taken to meet international requests “not to really fight corruption”.

He said the government has not a clear policy to control prices.

“We can notice that the government is unable to manage the economic situation in general and to stabilize prices to improve the living standards of people”, said bin Talib in an exclusive statement to Saba.

Bin Talib, who led election campaign for the presidency candidate for opposition Faisal bin Shamlan, said the regime is busy with its political crisis which have bad consequences and reflections on other economic, social and cultural sides.

“The state’s failure in one side of life means to fail in other sides,” he said, pointing to corruption in health sector.

He praised the government’s efforts to develop educational sector, but said it still needs more.



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