“Terrorist Cells” on Trial in Sana’a

There really isn’t a good word in Arabic for “hypocracy.” There is “Nifaaq,” which is technically correct, but in use is really reserved for religious hypocracy as in the “munaafiqeen” – the unbelievers who say they are Muslim. You can say someone is “two-faced”…but that doesn’t really work either. Perhaps because of this, I have often found myself explaining to my Yemeni friends just what “hypocracy” is – apparently the Yemeni government could do with this lesson as well. The fact that these “terrorists” are standing trial given other recent events in Yemen is, well…frankly, I don’t think there is a word it. 

A doctor being prosecuted for distributing medication – good god, I guess they don’t have an understanding of “hippocratic” either. 

As far as al Khaiwani is concerned – if reporting information/propaganda obtained from the enemy is against the law, then everytime al-Jazeera broadcasts an AQ video they should be dragged into Sana’a criminal court as well…(argh! there’s that word again!)

Two Sana’a ‘terrorists cells’ tried

Written By: Mohammed al-Qiri
Article Date: Oct 29, 2007 – 9:02:27 AM

The Sana’a criminal court, headed by Judge Mohsin Alwan, trial began on Monday for a group of 15 people alleged to be the “second Sana’a terrorist cell.” Among the defendants are two women and a journalist. 

In the hearing, the prosecution stated that the seventh defendant Ismael al-Shami received 4,000 Saudi Ryals from the Al-Houthi followers transferred through his mother to buy communication kits for the rebels.  He has also been accused of donating $500 to the Al-Houthi movement.

The eighth defendant, Ali Ibrahim Ali al-Kohlani, confessed to having given medication to Al-Houthi followers of an estimated value of YR50,000.  

Al-Kohlani is a physician at a military hospital and said in his confession that he is morally and ethically obligated to medically treat victims on both sides of any conflict.  The confession of the eleventh defendant, a woman named Mona Ghalib, was read in court, stating that she had met Abdul-Karim al-Khaiwani a number of times. In one of the meetings she brought her nephew, one of Al-Houthi followers, who handed al-Khaiwani a flash disk containing information about the war in Sa’ada.

She also provided him with an interview with Abdul-Malek al-Houthi to deliver to media sources that she had not conducted. The judge then asked Mona how true the account of the prosecution was and she replied that 50 percent of it was true. She claims to have signed the confession because she was afraid of jail.  

Also on Monday, the appeals court held a trial for the first Sana’a “terrorist cell,” which consists of 36 people, including one woman. A preliminary sentence was issued against them on October 22nd 2006 that detailed the execution of defendant Ibrahim Mohammed Abdullah Sharaf al-Din; ten years imprisonment for 12 defendants, eight years imprisonment for 7 defendants and three years imprisonment for 6 defendants. 

The prosecution has charged them with forming armed gangs and committing acts of destruction against national interests and attacking military figures. The charged defendants were found with weapons, destructive communications kits and counterfeit IDs.



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