Cat Fight in Terror Court

They should have put this on pay-per-view. This is actually sad all around. Khalid has  been reported to actually be a journalist – not a terrorist. Interestingly, the Arabic version of this story has them shouting “DEATH to America”… which is not that hard to translate – never heard “mawt” translated as “hostile.” Apparently, after the anti-American outburst, the women went at it – slapping, hitting and biting. The judge decided to postpone the trial shortly thereafter.

Criminal Court continues Tuesday trial of Sana’a terrorist cell

Monday, 22-October-2007 – The Specialised Criminal Court in Yemen decided Monday to adjourn trial of the Second Sana’a Terrorist Cell until Tuesday to give opportunity to the prosecution to reply to defenses of the defenses of the defendants’ lawyers and display evidence caught with them. Fifteen defendants are under trial accused of forming armed gangs for murder, sabotage and targeting military installations and personalities in Yemen with explosives.

At the beginning of the court’s Monday sitting the first defendant Saqr al-Marhami started chanting slogans “hostile to America and Israel and victory for Islam” and then followed the rest of the defendants that forced the court to drive them out of the session and returned the first defendant to face him with evidence.

Monday’s session also witnessed a hand-fight between sister of Martyr captain Abdulghani al-Maamary and the defendant Muna Khalid, one of the members of the Sana’a second cell and both of the women were referred to the prosecution for investigation into the attack incident inside the court.


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