YR 400M Land Redistribution Program

I’m intersted to find out more details on this program – sounds like they’re planning to create more arable land through diversion and irragation. How ’bout some more figures – YR 400 million ( about US$ 2 mil) is not a very large program…hell, al-Iryani could fund it himself. My immediate thought on this is that it is, like so many projects, reactionary – so the government can say they are doing something about the current crisis. Of course, you can’t really blame them. Good target though – unemployed youth (wonder why).

President orders pieces of land for the unemployed in Hadramout

Wednesday, 17-October-2007
almotamar.net – Director of Agriculture and Irrigation Office in Hadramout Valley on Wednesday said President Ali Abdullah Saleh has given his orders for the reclamation of agricultural land, allocation of YR400 million for that purpose and to distribute pieces of land among the youth and the unemployed graduates in addition to providing them with palm shoots of high quality production for planting them in a number of the Valley districts.

Eng, Omar Karama Muhaiwer told almotamar.net that the Office has instructions from the president on development of Hadramout Valley in terms of agriculture by implementing a number of projects of expansion in agriculture of wheat and improvement of animal wealth as well as building a national veterinary centre at a cost of one hundred million riyals in addition to building water dams.

The director of the office added that they have drawn up a strategic plan for agriculture derived from the strategy of Hadramout governorate and aimed at increasing agriculture production there.


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