Saleh Asks Committee to Hurry Up and Rule Socialists Responsible for Radfan

First thing that comes to mind: If the President is serious about “investigating all parties…whether military of civilian,” shouldn’t he have waited to hear the result of the investigation before blasting the opposition for provoking it….seems like he’s doing it all backwards.

Second thing that comes to mind: Its good that he would be concerned with investigating both civilians and military…but I hope by “military” he’s not going to try to scapegoat individual soldiers. He can make sure the investigation is done in the right way, or the wrong way – we all hope it’s done right, but no one should hold their breath.

Third thing that comes to mind: Sending the wounded “abroad” for medical treatment is shrewed politically…get them out of the country so they can’t serve as a symbol for the opposition. Look at all the grief they’re getting with Ba’oom now in the hospital…they should send him abroad too.

God, I’m a cynic. 

The president directs for investigation into the event of Hubailain, Lahj

Thursday, 18-October-2007 – President Ali Abdullah Saleh on Wednesday gave his directives to the governor of Lahj to instruct the prosecution on speeding up investigation with all the parties suspected to have been involved in the events of Hubailain, Lahj, whether those parties were military or civilians. The incident happened in that area on 13 October. website quoted Wednesday reliable sources as saying that the president’s directives included investigation with all parties to learn about the cause and those behind the events and to send the subject to court.

In the same context the governor of Lahj Abdulwahab al-Durra said president Saleh instructed that those seriously injured in the incident should quickly be sent abroad for treatment at the expense of the state and to be offered all necessary help.

The governor told Saba news agency the investigating committee was still continuing its job and the moment it completes it the case would be sent to general prosecution for taking legal procedures about it.

The governor of Lahj and the secretary general of the local council visited the injured under treatment at the town’s hospital to be assured on their conditions and urged the hospital’s officials to pay much attention to the injured and offer medication services to them until their recovery.

On their part the sheikhs and notables of the district of Radafan expressed their appreciation for the president’s directives regarding the events in Hubailain and considering those who were killed in the events as martyrs and treatment of the injured at the expense of the state.

In a statement issued by the dignitaries of Radafan pledged to the president that they are loyal to the Yemen unity and the national constants asking the president to give his orders for speeding up procedures of investigating into the events and sending the responsible parties to curt.


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