Muslims Converting in Old City Sana’a…Right.

Those pesky Christians…arrrgh. Are they blaming terrorism for the conversions or counter-terrorism?

Yemeni Clerics Warn: Christianity in Yemen Spreading

Written by The Media Line Staff
Published Tuesday, October 09, 2007 

Yemeni clerics are warning that Christianity is spreading in the country and called on President ‘Ali ‘Abdallah ‘Salih to stop this phenomenon, the Yemeni weekly Al-Ghad reported, according to UPI.

One hundred Muslim clerics convened in the capital, Sana’a, over the weekend. They claimed that approximately 2,000 Yemeni citizens from the old city of Sana’a have recently converted to Christianity as a result of the cooperation of the local citizens with foreigners in executing terror attacks.

The clerics also warned of the spread of dangerous phenomena of deviations and sinful activities. They called on ‘Salih to carry out his religious and moral responsibilities to stop these trends, which are caused by the spread of poverty and unemployment, the report added.

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