Electricity Ministry Says Press Guilty of “Political Wrangling” in Nuclear Deal

Although they come out with harsh words, there really isn’t much here that hasn’t already been said. I love how he makes a comparison with the opposition parties…what’s that all about? The “source” says that during meetings they had with Powered Corp officials in a number of U.S. cities the government became convinced that the company could do the job…it looks like he’s admitting to being wined and dined. The only thing I want to know is why Powered Corp? Why a company that did what looks like no business until this account? 

Interesting thing about those meetings is that they were meeting with James Jeffrey in Sana’a back in May…the new-and-improved Powered Corp (the one with Jalal Alghani as partner) didn’t file its papers with the SEC until July. Funny that as a co-chairman, director and CEO, he wasn’t listed in any of the company’s public documents (Either with the SEC or the Texas Secretary of State) until that July filing.

So when the ministry source says that  Powered Corp “focuses on the Middle East, especially Yemen, because there is a Yemeni partner in the corporation,” the source is being rather disingenuous – to say the least.

Its also a bit disingenuous when it says the Powered Corp is only there to find financing…if so, somebody needs to tell Powered Corp that. It says itself that:

We are currently in negotiations with the Republic of Yemen about theconstruction of a power project consisting of a minimum of 5,000 MW. These discussions are at the Memorandum of Understanding stage. We are also in negotiations with the Republic of Yemen about our participation in the same 5,000 MW project. 

It they also say that:

Ultimately we plan to be a joint venture partner or hold equity in power generation projects for which we have conducted preliminary risk analysis and assessment studies. We also plan to take on the role of the builder of power generation projects.                                       

Look, I’m not what the Ministry calls one of the projects “opponents”…Thus far, I haven’t come out against the idea of nuclear power in Yemen…I’m just against hiring a left field company to do the work…and there reason – because there’s “a Yemeni partner in the corporation”? Please.

Talking on corrupt nuclear deal is dramatic imagination: official source

08/10/2007SANA’A, NewsYemen

Ministry of Electricity and Energy condemned “changing a scientific and economic issue like generating electricity by nuclear power into a story of political wrangling”.

At the time the Yemeni initiative to use nuclear in generating power has become an Arab trend as Arab countries have started talks for the same purpose, some bodies here try, just as opposition against the government, to change the story of nuclear-generated electricity into a rousing topic, even through misleading claims,” said an official source in the ministry.

The source has criticized media outlets which publish what the project’s opponents say and ignore official statements on this matter.

“What Yemeni press has published about a deal between the Ministry and the Powered Corporation is not true and full of misleading information,” a source
at the office of minister of electricity Mustafa Bahran told NewsYemen.

“What happened is that the ministry has signed with the Power Corporation principles agreement to develop the power capacity in Yemen to 5,000 megawatts to be economically competitive,” said the source.

The government has met during talks with the Power Corporation in Sana’a, Aden, Dubai, Washington D.C, Detroit and San Diego with tens of different businessmen, investors, technicians, Arab and foreign bankers, said the source.

Thus the government got convinced that the corporation is able to do the mission in Yemen, but if it could not the ministry will look for another company.”

The source said the agreement would never come into force until the Cabinet approves it.

 He confirmed that Yemen has not any obligations other than participating in a feasibility study that will answer some questions like the funds demanded, if the project will be competitive or not, the environmental effects, technological characteristics of the project’s location and other questions.

Replying to what some news websites have published, the source said what some websites and newspaper have reported was “merely dramatic imagination by those who invent stories instead of transmitting events.”

The source said that talking about a $15 billion deal was “misinterpreting for just a guessed amount, not only for the 5000 Megawatts, but for a long-term expected investment in field of power. “There is no deal and the ministry did not agree on any financial obligations because all this will be later determined after the feasibility study,” said the source.

“The question here is whether the Power Corporation is able to meet the demanded funds to be determined by the feasibility study to construct a competitive electricity in Yemen. If it can do so, it will be good, otherwise the ministry will call off the deal, ” said the source. {No, the question is why was a company with no funds to begin with, and no experience in nuclear power awarded the contract in the first place.}

The source said the Power Corporation was established for intvestment in field of power in general and in nuclear energy in particular. {This is not true…even the Powered Corp website admits that} It said it has focuses on Middle East, especially Yemen, because there is a Yemeni partner in the corporation, as he said.

The source denied any personal relationship between the minister Bahran and the owners of the corporation.

A Yemeni journalist in America Muneer al-Mawiri was the first to publish findings abut the corporation and the signed deal. In his article first posed by MarebPress. Net after the agreement was signed, al-Mawiri the company was founded by a Yemeni-American Jalal AbdulGhani and a US partner James Jeffery. He said that a Saudi lawyer Khalid al-Sunaid helps them in judicial procedures in favor of the corporation.



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