Yemen Times Account of Assulted Reporter


Wow, 10 men seems a little overkill. This is the same news I reported on earlier…except in English and with quotes from the beaten. I knew that there was a pro-government rally happening the same day, but I didn’t realize they were in the same place. I agree that it is possible, even probable, that these guys were affiliated with political security. That said, many times these political security thugs are nothing more than firqa level members of the regime, and act without real supervision from the top. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not making excuses for them – it is entirely possible that this microphone cutting thing was planned from on high – just probably not very high.   

For the record, the govt. claimed their demonstration was made up of “civil society” groups as well. 

SANA’A, October 3 — More than ten men attacked a Yemeni journalist on Tuesday, during his coverage of demonstrations at Freedom Square in Sana’a.

Sadam Al-Ashmori, who works as a freelance reporter for Yemen Times, as well as other Yemeni media, was beaten badly while on duty. He suspects the attackers are security men posing as civilans. In addition to being bashed and almost losing his left eye, the attackers took his camera.

“There were two rallies. I coverd the first which accrued on front of the cabinet. Then I moved to the second sit in near that area. as I took my position to take photos I saw several men wearing civil clothes about to cut the microphone wires of the other protestors. When they saw me seeing them, they charged towards me. Three of them started the assult through taking the camera and kicking me in the stomach so that when i fell to the ground the twisted my arm behind my back and I was elbowed on my back. That is when something sharp hit my head and i saw my blood on the floor,” Al-Ashmouri recalled.

The attackers left the reporter with a serious on his forehead where he got several stitches.
Although security and a police force was around they claim not to have seen anything.

The first rally was organized by Yemen Civil Organizations Collocation known as OMAM-NGOs which protested against the governmental securities arrest of civilians and old soldiers in Al-Dhala, Abeen and Aden governorates early this month, while the second was by people supporting the recent constitutional reforms proposed by the president.
The two demos were organized in the same area, which is known as “Freedom Square” located in front of the Cabinet. Worth noting that during the last two months, human rights activists, and members of parliament, and even journalists were subjected to violence and attacks by unidentified individuals during such demonstrations at the “freedom Square”.



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