GPC Revelling in JMP Rift

Another article from GPC pointing out the disunity within the JMP. Based on the JMP response, or lack thereof, I think they are probably right…and this is the problem with the current opposition coalition. – learned Wednesday from well-informed sources in the Joint Meeting Parties (JMP) that sharp differences occurred between leaderships of the JMP over stances regarding initiative of the president of the republic for introducing constitutional amendments to develop the political democratic system in Yemen and to move to the local rule system as well as expansion of the woman participation by giving her 15% of the parliament seats in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

The sources said many leaderships in the Yemeni socialist Party (YSP) and the Nasserite Unionist Organisation (NUO), two prominent members of the JMP, view that there are many points in the initiative to be considered as positive and it is possible to hold dialogue and discussion on them. They specifically focused on the transfer to the local rule system, election of governors of provinces and many of he demands the YSP has been asking for.

On the other hand the sources said some leaderships in the Yemeni Congregation for Reform Party (Islah) that the sources described as critical, are of the opinion that opening dialogue with the authority on the initiative at this very time would end the demands and could not activate the street. They believe if they continued in their fomenting and mobilization they would have guaranteed winning in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

Thos Islah leaders have also criticised strongly the press interview given by secretary general of the NUO Sultan al-Atwani to Al-Sharie weekly newspaper in which he mentioned there are many positive aspects in the initiative of the president that can be dealt with. Those some of Islah leaders have also criticised the editorial written by Abu Bakr Batheeb, member of the YSP politburo in the Al-Thawri newspaper, organ of the YSP in which he indicated the positive aspects in the initiative and called for reasonable dialogue on them.


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