Yemenis Want a King…Will Settle for a President?

Dr. al Kibsi seems to think that “Yemen society” is more compatible with one supreme ruler to control everything. He seems to have forgotten that Yemen had a couple of those in Yahya and Ahmed, and it didn’t work out too well. (I’m obviously being a bit hyperbolic here, but then again – so is he) – Professor of political sciences and deputy president of Sana’a University DR Ahmed al-Kibsi on Sunday praised the idea of applying the presidential system and considered it more in compatible with the nature of the Yemeni society and its cultural and social components.Al-Kibsi told the presidential system achieves the separation between powers in that each power performs its work and no other power will be able to interfere in other’s affairs because elections are the decisive factor. According to this system the head of the state would have a big authority as he is head of the state and head of government and would have different governments.As for the parliamentary system there is a head of state that is not responsible and his post in an honourable, the government is responsible to the parliament and the head of the state is as arbitrator between the powers. Al-Kibsi considers the parliamentary system as not suitable to the Yemeni environment because “we want a responsible person to whom all would go.” {a priceless comment}


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