Opposition Warming up to Saleh Proposals?

Brilliant Strategy. The Opposition,s only response to Saleh’s reforms was to basically ignore them…so he goes and gets the NGO support (at least thats what the GPC says). Now the JMP is left looking indecisive, ineffective, and dare I say less progressive – at least that’s what the GPC is going for here.

There is only one problem…the article doesn’t say which NGOs support the president’s proposals – nor does it quote any representatives from them, opting instead for talkingpoints quotes from the head of GPC-Aden. Like in many 3rd world countries, NGOs are a lucrative business in Yemen and should not be given objective status simply because they say they are “non governmental.” The fact is that the government has a great deal of influence and control over NGOs, and there are no shortage of pro-government-non-governmental organizations (PGNGOs ?). Therefor, this should all be taken with a helping of skepticism and side of cynicism. Its a good try though.  

almotamar.net – Aden (Yemen), 1 Oct- Civil society organisations in Aden expressed much satisfaction over content of the president’s initiative he announced concerning reform of the political and democratic system.

In a meeting in Aden on Sunday the NGOs affirmed the articles of the initiative deserve to be discussed and enriched with many discussions in constructive dialogue in the way serving the political process in Yemen.

Head of the General People’s Congress (GPC) Aden branch Abdulkarim Sahef said the meeting with the civil society organisations was aimed at strengthening the values of tolerance and that the sublime purposes are for the service of the society so that potentials are invested for serving the human who is the purpose of all.

He added the meetings aim at holding dialogue which is the ideal means of democracy and said the coincidence of the meeting with the initiative of President Ali Abdullah Saleh means the keenness on discussing and enriching it via discussion and dialogue with the NGOs representing the active support in the political life.
Sheaf also made it clear the initiative submitted many of issues and gained the citizens’ interest because it was presented by a wise leader and considers the circumstances and finding solutions for what the Yemeni reality needs especially after emergence of difficulties accompanied the application of the law of local authority. He said it came to enhance the local establishments’ role though giving them strength of powers and that necessitates making constitutional amendments.

Sheaf also called on the political parties that boycotted the dialogue to reconsider their stances in this regard as large sectors of the Yemeni people confirm the principle of dialogue. He said the JMP is now facing a difficult test, either to support the principle of dialogue and taking part in the issues of interest to the homeland or to stay in a state of continuous turnabout which will affect it and its future.

The GPC official also affirmed that some opposition leaderships have announced the positiveness of the president’s initiative and the area of support for the initiative is expanding among the opposition and many of the bases will abandon stances of their leaderships as long as the initiative is for the interest of the homeland.


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