Iran’s State-of-the-Art Hormuz Monitoring System


Stepping up rhetoric on control of the Hormuz again. You would think if they could devise such an “advanced” monitoring system they could also figure out how to make airplane parts as well…

The Islamic Revolution’s Guards Corps (IRGC) said Saturday that its troops have launched a new monitoring system which brings all movements in the Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz under Iran’s control.

The system called ‘Hod Hod’ (Hoopoe) has been designed by the IRGC experts and makes it possible for Iranian troops to monitor even the slightest movement on the surface or in the air.

According to IRGC, Hod Hod which is equipped with the most advanced cameras and electronic devices transmit recorded films and photographs to different military centers round the clock.

Hod Hod which is capable of taking high resolution and high quality pictures and images even at nights, will provide the opportunity to the IRGC personnel – who are currently using different radar and electronic systems – to gain a better online control over the entire region.


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