Former Cabinet Secretary: Seleh Reforms Improper, JMP Program Clearer.

I agree with al Sabri that Saleh’s reforms were released in haste as a way to make the JMP look bad. A great move, I might add. I disagree that they were prepared in haste though…I think it was probably the proposal he was going to present at the meeting. Most likely, he thought that by switching the pretexts of the meeting at the last minute he would catch the JMP unprepared – Which they were, but they just chose not to show up. I must say, I still think this is being handled all wrong – the “my reforms are better than your reforms” line really doesn’t work. The JMP should be saying that what the president has proposed is a good start…but. Also this technicality the al Sabri cites about it being improper for the Prez to release the reforms instead of the GPC – Lame.  

September 29, 2007 – The former secretary of the cabinet, Dr. Mohammad al-Sabri, said that the president’s advisers again occurred in mistakes.

“They advised the president to present an initiative which had to be presented by the General Popular Conference (GPC) and not by the President of Yemen.” Al-Sabri added in an analytic article to the weekly Alsahwa paper.

Al-Sabri based in U.S. labeled the recent president’s initiative as a surprise which was not in the president’s agenda and was merely a furious reaction to the absence of JMP’s representatives from the president’s call.

“The president initiative bears only a few improvements regarding local police and quota for women” he went on.

He further affirmed that the JMP’s platform is clearer and more serious than that of the president.


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