Locally Elected Governors…I Think Not!

I can’t believe that the GPC is willing to allow governors to be locally elected. Right now they are appointed, and often the appointees are from totally different parts of the country. For instance, the governor of al-Mahara (located on the Omani border) is Mohammed Abdullah al-Harazi (Haraz is located in the mountains southwest of Sana’a). Why do this? Two reasons: 1) Then you don’t have to worry about the threat of your governors gaining too much political power and popular support; and 2) Think of it as a goodwill hostage scenario…the main tribe isn’t going to move against their governor because they don’t want to create a tribal fued.

Because of this, Saleh and the GPC would be crazy to actually do this. There would be no way Aden would ever elect an al Khawlani (from the North), instead, it would be the president-elect of South Yemen. 

almotamar.net – The General People’s Congress (GPC) on Thursday called on its members, leaders and members of opposition parties, all political forces and civil society organisation for active participation in the discussion draft proposal for the local authority law on basis of electing governors and heads of districts.

Assistant secretary general of the GPC, the ruling party, Sheikh Sultan al-Barakani has urged different forces to see the draft and to work on enriching it with serious and objective discussion and to present suggestions, remarks and ideas that lead to develop the local experiment, enhance the democratic process and stabilize the concept of people’s participation in its best image.

Al-Barakani also confirmed that all remarks and suggestions to be presented on the draft amendment would be taken into consideration. Pointing out that the GPC considers it of great importance to subject proposals on the draft to discussion of specialists, the interested and various political forces in the country with the aim of adopting the most suitable suggestions that are in favour of development and enhancement of the local authority experiment.

Al-Barakani concluded his statement saying, “We shall be happy to receive your remarks and proposals that will lead to the final draft of the law and consider your opinions and respect the majority about any proposal and we will support it.”

22 May weekly newspaper has published in its edition on Thursday the draft of amendments on the local authority law. – AM.N


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