Sharif Update – He Chose Jeddah over Jail

A day after former Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was sent back to Jeddah, the government says that Sharif chose to go back to Saudi Arabia and live in exile rather than face prosecution in Pakistan.

On Monday Nawaz Sharif flew to Pakistan after seven years in exile but the commandos surrounded his plane and within hours he was flown to Saudi Arabia.

Pakistan’s Minister of State for Information Tariq Azim denied that Sharif had been deported, saying he chose to leave Pakistan to avoid prosecution on corruption charges.

He also suggested it was up to Saudi Arabia whether Sharif could return to politics in Pakistan within the next three years.

Speaking to BBC, Azim said ”It was a choice given to him that either he goes to a detention centre and be detained and tried, or he goes and completes his 10-year agreement that he has signed with the Saudi government. We have not deported him.”

But Nawaz Sharif’s act of defiance seems to have set the stage for a full-blown confrontation between opposition leaders in Pakistan and the Musharraf government… – NDTV


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