GPC: Opposition Damaging Yemen’s Reputation


 Two people were killed and many injured in demonstrations in Yemen over the weekend. Above are some photos taken from in the Adeni newpaper al Ayam. Below is an article from the GPC blaming the opposition for damaging Yemen’s reputation and , as an extention, its economy. Actually, al Barakani is partially right. While the charge that the opposition is damaging Yemen’s reputation is down right laughable, political turmoil does negatively impact foreign investment. But thats part of the point of creating political turmoil, isn’t it – to leverage the government? Maybe Yemeni’s would be sympathetic to your arguement, Sheikh, if they reaped the benefits of foreign investment…hmm.

I like the part where he challenges the JMP to take over government for two months to solve subsidy problems…what a novel idea.


Almotamar Net - Assistant Secretary General of the General Peoples Congress (GPC) for Intellect, culture, and Information sheikh Sultan al-Barakani considered Sunday activities of opposition arties in Yemen as mere chaos and would not benefit the economic situations, saying those acts – Monday, 03-September-2007 -Assistant Secretary General of the General People’s Congress (GPC) for Intellect, culture, and Information sheikh Sultan al-Barakani considered Sunday activities of opposition parties in Yemen as mere chaos and would not benefit the economic situations, saying those acts ” do not offend the ruling party or the government as much as harming the country and its reputation and political system before the investor and arouse fears for he investor and the tourist and for anyone intends to come to Yemen.”

Al-Barakani indicated that the economic question was present among the issues of the dialogue and nevertheless the opposition resorted to take advantage of the subject for political objectives. He affirmed they were in the GPC keen to reach cooperation because “Our interest is the citizen, and the economic issue does not concern the opposition alone or only the ruling party. It is the concern of all of us as long as we exist on this Earth because impact and dangers of the economic situation would affect the ruling party and the opposition rather than one of them.”

And improve the living standard of the citizens. Whereas the economic issue does not need theorization Addressing the opposition parties al-Barakani said, “Instead of throwing responsibilities come to on to consider the major issue instead of going to governorates and districts that are witnessing useless sit-ins. Political processes are just theorization but actions achieving the public benefit, growth and development and create job opportunities and create job opportunities for the citizens.

The GPC Assistant Secretary General defined the issue of the economic aspect by the variable in international prices on which he said it is a variable ” we cannot govern and the opposition cannot govern it too, the variable of prices is witnessed in the whole world and we should have stopped at this point rather than the attempt of the opposition to deceive the people to clam that the government is the party that is concerned.”

Al-Barakani wondered “If we presume the opposition is the one ruling were it capable of controlling the international prices? This is a matter that must be an object of accord rather than wrangling or an object of attempts for misleading the ordinary citizen and to arouse him to push him to the street”

Al-Barakani refused the talk to return to subsidy of consumer gods saying “I think we have stepped over the disaster of subsidy, even the opposition agrees with us that the return to subsidizing consumer goods is among the disasters because we will not reap its fruit alone but we will leave them to our sons.” He said the issue of prices spread allover the world, in Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Algeria but they do not have an opposition arousing the people’s sentiments, their opposition deals realistically unlike the opposition in Yemen on which he said it opposes even reality.

The GPC Assistant Secretary General reiterated his challenge to the opposition to take over government from his party on condition to stabilize prices for a month or two and said that the call he was the first to send to the opposition before the president of the republic repeated it, saying they are serious and challenging, if those in the opposition possess the ability because deceiving the simple people and play with their feelings and take advantage of an exceptional circumstance is an unacceptable matter. “I accept the opposition to talk on the administrative aspect because this matter concerns us and if we make mistakes we are able to correct but with regard to something we do not control, i.e. international prices, querying is it possible that the opposition wants us to make the impossible? If the opposition is able to make the impossible it is welcome to assume the power and I think it is a convenient time for the opposition especially we are approaching the elections of 2009. If they succeeded in this step concerning the subject of prices it is then an opportunity for fixing their feet in government.

Al-Barakani also criticised the Yemen Socialist Party reaction to the call in a dialogue published by Annas weekly newspaper, saying ” You either say I do not take over from a party whose hand is smeared or return what you have plundered, as came in the statement of the assistant secretary general of the Islah party and then we will assume power in 2009, they will not assume power. Moreover, the YSP and the Islam participated in power before, was power, was power an advantage they shared with the GPC, in order to consider the party that assumes power as the one that achieves benefits? We accept, if they possess the solution for the successful prices, come and assume power and after that hold us accountable if we have rally plundered and sue us after you assume the government.” – AMN


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