Anti-Saleh Demonstration Video in Aden

Jane Novak over at Armies of Liberation posted this Youtube video of anti-government demonstrations in Aden from earlier last month. This sentiment has been felt by Adenis and many Taizis forever…but I’ve never seen it displayed so openly. Many of my friends from the South privately admit to me that they feel like an occupied country…with many of the old timers reminiscing the times of British colonialism. Can you believe that? They would rather be a British crown colony again rather than a “unified” Yemen. I even had one friend during the Iraq war say he wished the US would invade Yemen as well. Anyway, the kid in this picture is brave, as is the guy with the megaphone riling up the crowd, as undoubtedly there were a number of Political Security goons lingering around – a lot of them with video cameras as well. 

As I’ve been saying though, as long as stuff like this is not happening in Sana’a, Saleh is relatively secure. Its when you start seeing participants in thobes and Jambiyas that the president needs to start worrying. Good get Jane.   


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