Saleh is “Retarded”

All of my sources say Saleh is in bad shape, which is not good news for being less than a year into his new seven year term. A friend of mine who is an officer in the Yemeni military and is from an influential family recently predicted a coup in the cards. I don’t think it will ever come to that, myself. Saleh is too in love with his own legend to let himself be overthrown…he would never let his story end that way. No, if it comes to it, I have no doubt he will muster another act of political theatre…find some way to bow out “for benefit of the nation” or some such nonsense. 

Anyway, Abu Yemen writes on Jane Novak’s blog pretty much what I’ve been hearing from everyone I talk to. Granted, traditional Saleh supporters usually sound dejected or dismayed, like my friend in the military. Don’t get me wrong, I dont think Saleh is in any imminent danger, and I disagree with the direness Abu Yemen portrays. There has always been considerable corruption in Yemen, the press has never been truly free and there is no reason to believe the Sa’adah rebellion could spread outside of its region. As I have said all along as long as there aren’t mass protests in the streets of Sana’a – on the scale of the oil subsidy riots or larger – the President isn’t in danger. There are also still plenty of opportunities for the favorite son of Sanhan to finagle his way into good graces again…after all he is a master at pulling the shawl over Yemeni eyes.

I think that calling Saleh “retarded” is hysterical…I can’t say that I have ever heard a Yemeni use it in this way (This is probably a translation of متخلف , which I think is more accurately translated as “backward,” as it is used to denote Salafis and the like.)

Guest Post by Abu Yemen

More Violations of Human Rights and Breaches of Trust

The civil society in Yemen and the entire free world are shocked to
learn of more violations of human rights and breaches of trust taking
place in the Republic of Yemen. A highly respected journalist, Abdul
Karim Al Khaiwani was kidnapped as he was leaving from a news agency
office around noon time in the main street of Sana’a (Al Zubairi
Street). It is reported that a Toyota sedan filled with security
officers forced him in the vehicle and drove off at a high speed to a
remote area (within Bir Salem) where he was severely kicked, beaten,
and thrown outside the car unconscious. Two days later, Al Khaiwani
revealed in a press conference that he was kidnapped by a National
Security unit whose commander is Ammar Mohammed Abdullah Saleh, the
son of the deceased brother of the President.

The entire security force usually functions under direct orders and supervision of the
President. This is the third, if not fourth, act of intimidation,
aggression, and political detention of Mr. Al Khaiwani. It is
reported that the kidnappers have warned Al Khaiwani to cease
political activities and contain himself within his residence with his
wife and children, otherwise they will render themselves to death.
Further, it is reported that the President and his ruling party are
likely to impose amendments to the press ordinance making it
impossible to express free opinions, not even to criticize government
policies that usually violate basic constitutional and human rights.

The situation in Yemen is deteriorating; the turmoil in Sa’ada is
beyond containment, public demonstrations continue to cover all
Southern Yemeni governorates and are spreading to Ibb, Taiz, Dammar,
and even to the capital Sana’a in the north. The living conditions
are worsening, and equally is the security situation. Corruption is a
day-to-day practice by the President and his men and repeated
announcements of establishing committees within the government and/or
Parliament are simple efforts to divert attention, mislead public
opinion, and allow time for more wrong doings to take place.

Yemeni foreign policy is the other face of the coin, where the talk about
Yemeni democratization and reforms are at a rocket-high scale, so much
so that both the Belgian and Spanish governments are anxious to host
the Yemeni dictator next November. The Arab league is still an
admirer of such a retarded dictator of Yemen who claims to be able to
solve major political crises in Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon, and Somalia
where it is obvious that he is a total failure in overcoming political
failures in his own country
, Yemen. It is therefore time for all free
minded people and institutes to expose the tyrant in Yemen and to save
the desperate Yemenis, and prevent more miseries and failures. – Armies

written and submitted by Abu Yemen


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