Trans-al Qaeda Pipeline Update 2: Enter A-jad

So, whether I was right about this being a bogus story only meant to fluster Iran remains to be seen. Nevertheless, the story has touched a nerve with Tehran enough to elicit comments on the report by A-jad. Well done Debka. it is worth noting that A-jad calls BS on the story too, although he has his own theory that the whole thing has been cooked up by oil cartels to pump up prices…last I checked Iran was OPEC’s second largest oil producer.  

AUG 28 – President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Tuesday that closure of Hormuz Strait is not on the agenda of any country.

He made the remarks in a meeting with domestic and foreign reporters on Tuesday.

“I think that such statements are unfounded and trivial. A person makes a statement which is carried by a section of the media as a headline. Whereas this is not on anybody’s agenda,” he said.

“No one is seeking tension, Iranian nation is capable enough of defending its rights. We say all should live in peace and security,” he said.

“I think oil cartels are behind such rumors to hike oil prices, and fish in troubled water,” he said.IRNA


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