Note to Self: Don’t Eat Camel from KSA

The Saudi government has been trying to blame the mysterious camel deaths on poisoning for a while now, adamently ruling out infectious disease as a possibility. Being as nobody can come up with a provable cause, I thought I would make a couple suggestions/predictions.


1) The fodder came from China.

2) The Aliens have moved from cows to camels.

3) Well, the Saudi government now requires part of the population to get HIV  tests…you make the connection.

JEDDAH, 30 August 2007 — A senior Health Ministry official yesterday blamed poisonous chemicals for the death of more than 2,000 camels in different parts of the country. The official also warned the public against eating the meat of sick camels before determining the reason for the disease in these camels.

“According to available information the camels died of poisonous chemicals. As the chemicals cannot be removed by cooking, it is dangerous to eat the meat of affected camels,” Falah Al-Mazroue, director of preventive medicine at the ministry, told Al-Watan Arabic daily.

The Ministry of Agriculture has sent frozen samples of dead camels to France to try to discover the reason for their death.

According to Al-Watan, 60 more camels as well as 400 sheep and seven cows died on Tuesday. There is no official confirmation for the new death toll.

On Aug. 25, some two weeks after the animals began to die, Agriculture Minister Fahd Balghunaim said nearly 2,000 camels had died. “It is not because of anyg infectious disease. These were cases of poisoning,” the minister told reporters in Riyadh.

Balghunaim said the animals were fed bran that had been bought from traders whose bran stocks were contaminated. He put the final number of dead camels in recent weeks at 1,982. Laboratory tests were being carried out to reveal exactly what was wrong with the animal feed, he said at the time.

According to figures reported in the Saudi press, at least 5,000 camels have now died and thousands more are sick. – AN


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