AQ-Yemen Threatens Bank Heist

I remember my first time in a Yemeni Bank…it was the Arab Bank on Al Zubeiry St. I was standing in line to get a Western Union transfer or something when three qabilis, replete with thobe and camoflage, walked in carrying kalashnikovs…and nobody flinched…I looked around and there were numerous people in the bank with weaponry…not to mention jambiyas. No point to the story, this article just reminded me of then.

Ok, so the likelyhood of AQ attacking banks to fund terror operations is probably low, at least in Sana’a. If it were to happen, I would expect to see it happen in Aden – one of the more common theatres for AQ since the Abyan army days. Notice the comment about continuing CTU investigations into the Spaniard bombing – its comes from Abyan, not Marib…Interesting. If AQ-Yemen did make this statement it just further proves how independent these AQ franchises are. 

This poli-sci guy Abu Khalid sounds like he’s been reading too many AQ newsletters… AQ is “known to do whatever they said, in spite of the security cautions the governments took, such as what happened in the USA, Britain, and Spain”…umm, no Abu “Khalit,” there weren’t explicit warnings for 9/11, London or 3/11, and thats why they were successful.     

Aug 29 – Security authorities are taking strict precautions to protect official banks and financial companies in Yemen, in the wake of warnings that Al Qaeda or other terrorist groups could attack them in the next couple of weeks, said Deputy Minister of the Interior Mohammed al-Qawsi. 

“The ministry has received information about new terrorist attacks that target financial institutions, and has warned all banks and called for increasing security around the bank,”  said al-Qawsi.

He added that the terrorist groups are getting ready to carry out a robbery to get funding for their acts. “We enhanced security forces around banks to stand against this,” said al-Qawsi.

The Yemeni Central Bank received a verbal warning from the Ministry of the Interior, stating that there might be an attack against the bank from al-Qaeda, said a source at the YCB, who preferred to remain anonymous.    

“The Interior Ministry informed us to increase our security personnel to be ready for any attacks, but we in the Arab Bank take these precautions all the time, and security forces made sure of our security and were satisfied,” said Nasser Ghazi of the Arab Bank 

”We have gotten used to taking the statements and the threats of al-Qaeda seriously. They are known to do whatever they said, in spite of the security cautions the governments took, such as what happened in the USA, Britain, and Spain,” said Mohammed Abu-Khalid, a political analyst. 

There are two explanations for why Al Qaeda publishes threats before taking real action to hack into the accounts of the banks, said Abu-Khalid. “The first one is to distract the government from their real goal. It may be the banks are not their real goal. The other explanation is that Al Qaeda wants to make a statement that it comes back to Yemen so powerfully, more than before. Also, it is able to penetrate all the security procedures that the authorities might take.” 

The Counter Terrorism Unit still continues its investigation of the perpetrators of the terrorist attacks that took place last Month in Mareb, which killed two Yemenis and eight Spaniards, said sources in Abyan. 

There is a campaign to look for the terrorists in the rural villages, using the military helicopters, said security sources.
To further increase security, the Minster of the Interior started enforcing the new law banning weapon-carrying in Sana’a and in the main cities, which was issued last Thursday.  

“We have taken 890 pieces of weapons, most of which are Kalashnikovs. Four hundreds were caught in Sana’a,” said al-Qawsi.  The detained weapons will be referred to the judiciary to determine their destiny, he said. 

Only certain people identified in the law are allowed to take bodyguards with their own hand guns. “But if those bodyguards are caught with guns while they are not during their missions, they will be jailed and their guns will be confiscated,” said al-Qawsi. 

“Some 69 percent of the crimes in the cities are due to weapon carrying,” said al-Qawsi, “And the reasons for the killing are stupid, but because people uses guns, murders happen.” – Yemen Observer      


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