More Wheat Protests…This Time in Sana’a.

So when the JMP got 3,000 socialists to come out in Taiz, I figured it wasn’t that big a deal. After all, getting that many people to march in the country’s center of socialist thought is not that much of an accomplishment. The fact that these things have moved to Sana’a is more significant…still dont see it growing to the level of the oil subsidy riots. One thing to look out for though – if the military pension protests and the wheat demonstrations merge into a larger anti-corruption/government movement…this time ’round Saleh doesn’t have Bajamal to scapegoat.   



August 28, 2007- Thousands of people in the Yemeni capital, Sana’a, rallied before the cabinet ,protesting soaring prices ,deteriorated public services, violating of rights and freedoms and mistaken policies adopted by the ruling party’s consequent governments.

During the sit-in ,the spokesmen of the Joint Meeting Parties, Mohammad al-Sabri ,stressed that they would go on carrying out their all-out political and national agenda .

” We will commit treason against our nation if we stayed silent against corruption , injustice and repression ” al-Sabri said ,expressing deep concern as the ruling party (GCC) accused them in its statement of working against the national principles.

Al-Sabri considered in his address before the protesters that corruption , authoritarianism poses real threats against the national unit.

The representative of the JMP parliamentary bloc , Ali al-Ansi, strongly condemned in his speech kidnapping of the prominent Yemeni journalist , Abdul-Karim al-Khaiwani on Thursday and beating him, demanding, in the meantime , the government to address all deteriorated public services. – al Sahwa


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